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ACD SYSTEMS PTE LTD, one of the leading Measurement System developers and manufacturers in Singapore today, was established with an experienced workforce who have been exposed to industrial automation for more than 15 years. Its unblemished track record and achievements are clear and strong signals to the global market, ACD SYSTEMS and its R&D have come of age, and able to develop and produce to your generic and specific needs competitively. ACD SYSTEMS can make that difference in your comparative and competitive advantage.

With the capabilities of providing cost effective and complete solutions, ACD SYSTEMS’ main business activities focus on

  1. 1.Measurement System

  2. 2.Factory & Shop-floor Automation

  3. 3.Computer Integrated Manufacture (CIM)

  4. 4.System Integration

  5. 5.Tooling Design and Fabrication

  6. 6.Application Software Development (Windows-based, Unix-based, Mac-based, LabVIEW-based)

  7. 7.PLC Programming

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